At BEST Energy CheckUp, we develop an approach to set up a local organization on business parks. The goal of this organization is to develop projects to enable energy saving and sustainable energy production.

The BEST initiative supports local organizations and entrepreneurs to make the business park more sustainable. Cooperation is key, both between the companies, and with local authorities, associations of entrepreneurs, park management organizations and municipalities.

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The core of the BEST approach are the scans that have been developed by TNO, the Energy Potential Scan (EPS) and CCS, the sme energy check-up. With these scans the potential for energy saving and sustainable energy production are mapped with high efficiency. The EPS calculates the energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions reduction potential of an entire business park based purely on public data. The sme energy checkup is an online energy scan designed to ask the right questions to quickly zero in on the important energy saving and energy producing measures.

Before we have even seen the building of a company, we can provide an individual entrepreneur with the results from the energy potential scan. This result provides a first insight to the companies, driving them to look closely at their situation and to participate in our project. The company visit that follows, where we apply the sme energy checkup, provides the necessary detail to select the required energy saving and renewable production measures. The combination of the two scans both inspires and informs entrepreneurs, setting them on the track towards sustainability.



In addition to the scans, we are working on an approach that allows the entrepreneurs in the business park to organize themselves collectively so that they can jointly shape the sustainability of the business park. By doing this together, it can be done with much more efficiently, which means less time lost for entrepreneurs and lower costs through purchasing benefits. It is also easier to arrange financing for the implementation of the measures. As a result the entrepreneur doens’t need a big investment and still has a financial advantage from day one through a lower energy bill.



BEST is active in the Netherlands and in Italy and can also be expanded to other countries in the future. In both countries we are working on pilot industrial sites, for example in Enschede and Bologna. These pilots provide invaluable experience, while we apply our approach and develop concrete energy projects. BEST is still looking for Dutch business parks that want to serve as a pilot. Please contact us if you are interested!



The project shows the added value of exchanging experiences between the partners from the Netherlands and Italy. For example, the scan methods developed in the Netherlands can be properly translated to the Italian situation. In Italy, there is much more experience organizing ESCo organizations, which can be utilized in the Netherlands. In addition, we are happy to work together with (local) parties that have experience with collective projects on business parks. This exchange of knowledge and experience ultimately leads to the best approach for BEST.


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