Corporate collectives improving sustainability together: by locals, for locals.


BEST Energy CheckUp helps to form networks of entrepreneurs and assists those collectives to become energy-positive. This can be done on a business park, but also for example with a trade association. Collectives receive all tools from us to unburden the participants from start to finish, so that they can practice sustainable business with a lower energy bill without the effort and investment that is normally required. The unique aspect of our approach is that we can make an effective assessment of potential of energy saving and sustainable production of energy. We do this with publicly available data and company visits. We use two intelligent energy scans: the energy potential scan and the BEST scan.


BEST Energy CheckUp doesn’t only stimulate collaboration between companies, we love cooperating ourselves as well! BEST Energy CheckUp is an initiative of CCS, TNO, ASTER and ENEA. The project has started in the Netherlands and Italy with lots of activities on three different business parks. This website contains more details about the consortium, and a description of the project. Did we peak your curiosity? You can approach us via the contact page

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